The following is a comp storyboard for a soda called "Fizzy Lizzy." It was created as part of challenge to define a commercial storyboard within five frames. The theme had to exude fun as well as appeal to kids.
The story line is simple. Instead a giant meteor crashing into a Jurassic Age Earth and wiping out the dinosaurs, a bubbly Fizzy Lizzy lands in a giant "bubble-splosion," much to the joy of the lucky dinos who drink it!

1) ACTION: We see it's just another day in the Jurassic age. Camera slowly zooms in to scene.

2) ACTION: Suddenly overhead a Fizzy Lizzy meteor zooms by...

3) ACTION: The Fizzy Lizzy bottle meteor lands with a giant bubble burst explosion.

4) ACTION: The lead Dinosaur reaches into the crater and grabs the bottle of Fizzy Lizzy.
It then pops the cap and take a drink from the bottle.

5) ACTION: The dinosaur, after drinking the Fizzy Lizzy does a happy dance. Bubbles and fizz swirl around the screen and a hero shot of the product appears. We also see another bottle of Fizzy Lizzy has appeared in the crater and the other dinosaur begins to enjoy the product.

Notes on the project:
The art was created with Adobe Dimension, After Effects and Photoshop. Turnaround time was 3 days.

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